Professional wrestlers linked to performance enhancing drugs?? Thanks ESPN, maybe next time you can report that they’ve got fake tans too 🙂

Geez, does this surprise anyone? How can this be”news”?


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Worst Job Ever??

Rescuers on Tuesday found one survivor and hunted for four people still missing in a Siberian coal mine, after a gas explosion killed at least 106 in Russia’s worst mining disaster for over a decade. (more)

You might not like your job… but… I can’t think of many jobs worst than working in a Siberian coal mine!

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Pet Food Recall

Here is a link to all of the foods affected by the national recall.

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March Madness Update

I was 13-3 in day one. Not bad, but with so few upsets, everybody’s doing pretty good.

I thought the Xavier / BYU match-up was the game of the night, the Duke loss the VCU was also entertaining.

I was very happy to see my Buckeyes turn in a #1 level performance against Central Conn State, but I tell you what, give those kids from CCST some credit. They showed a lot of heart (and hustle) all night. They were just over matched… no shame in that! Speaking of heart, Xavier showed some in their gritty win over BYU, but they better be HOT from behind the arch against OSU or they’re finished, they will not be able to drive into the paint against Oden.

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Phone Lie Detector

This technology is pretty cool. I’m sure it has its flaws, but it’d still be fun to play with… Can you imagine the fun conversations you could have with telemarketers and political pollsters! It’s only a matter of time before they invent little lie detectors that can sit unseen in your office or even on your person.

Just remember…The truth will set you free 🙂

(Full disclosure: found via Drudge)

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More on weight loss

The diet blog has a good top ten list on starting to exercise.

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve just lost a healthy amount of weight myself. Continued exercise is definitely going to be key for me to maintain my weight.

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Crotch ya

men fixate on any visible genital areas in photos — even animals’ crotches

Not that there is anything wrong with George Brett’s crotch, but I have to admit I found this a little disturbing.

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