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Masters Ticket Madness


What’s widely considered the toughest ticket in sports is actually a badge, a 3½-by-2½-inch piece of laminated plastic that grants holders access to all four rounds of the tournament. The face value is $176, but this year a badge will fetch up to $4,000 apiece online or from brokers. The resale also comes with a heightened gamble. (more)

Opening day in baseball and the Masters, for me are the true signs that spring is here. Even if it continues to snow out my window 😦

God, I can’t tell you how much I’d love to walk the course at Augusta!!


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Professional wrestlers linked to performance enhancing drugs?? Thanks ESPN, maybe next time you can report that they’ve got fake tans too 🙂

Geez, does this surprise anyone? How can this be”news”?

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March Madness Update

I was 13-3 in day one. Not bad, but with so few upsets, everybody’s doing pretty good.

I thought the Xavier / BYU match-up was the game of the night, the Duke loss the VCU was also entertaining.

I was very happy to see my Buckeyes turn in a #1 level performance against Central Conn State, but I tell you what, give those kids from CCST some credit. They showed a lot of heart (and hustle) all night. They were just over matched… no shame in that! Speaking of heart, Xavier showed some in their gritty win over BYU, but they better be HOT from behind the arch against OSU or they’re finished, they will not be able to drive into the paint against Oden.

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Niagara feels “disrespected”

“We feel disrespected,” junior forward Charron Fisher said. “I’m sure you’ll be able to see when we play on Tuesday how disrespected we feel.” (more)

What ever… Somebodies got to remind this kid he plays for freak’n Niagara. You want respect, you not only win that meaningless joke they call a “play in game”, try to stay within 20 points of Kansas. If you can do that, I (and everyone else) might show you some respect… maybe.

That’s the beauty of the NCAA Tournament, you don’t need to win peoples respect, you just need to WIN. So shut up and ball 😮

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Euro Dunk Contest

The Hype Guy has a priceless YouTube of some Euro NBA wannabe getting his dunk on. Maybe it’s just getting late, but I laughed-out-loud (or at least giggled to myself).

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On a lighter note

THE Ohio State won it’s final regular season men’s basketball game against “the team up north” today. It’s always nice to see the Buckeyes beat the wolverines whether it be football, basketball, or women’s golf 🙂

As tournament time approaches, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Buckeyes chances. My prediction is they’ll win the Big Ten but get dumped in the sweet 16 of the NCAA. I know they have the talent, but from the games I’ve seen, they still haven’t learned to play as a cohesive TEAM. To bad we won’t see these guys together for more than one year… Damn you NBA 😮

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Maybe it really doesn’t stay in Vegas??

Word on the street is that the NBA All Star Game in Las Vegas was a fiasco. Jason Whitlock’s AOL article really spelled it out…

The game needs to be moved overseas, someplace where the Bloods and Crips and hookers and hoes can’t get to it without a passport and plane ticket. (More)

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