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Worst Job Ever??

Rescuers on Tuesday found one survivor and hunted for four people still missing in a Siberian coal mine, after a gas explosion killed at least 106 in Russia’s worst mining disaster for over a decade. (more)

You might not like your job… but… I can’t think of many jobs worst than working in a Siberian coal mine!


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Making Movies

Burn downloaded videos in almost any format to DVD via this freeware. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I’m going to download a copy tonight and give it a whirl. I found it along with detail instructions on Lifehacker.

Things are looking up for my downloaded Sopranos collection 😉

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Verizon Razr (Hack)

So you purchased a Razr phone from Verizon, only to find out that many of the cool features you heard about on the Razr have been disabled. And now you’re pissed right? Because you don’t want to pay Verizon for moving pictures on and off the phone, or adding your own ringtones! If you’re a little unscrupulous and a tinny bit technical (no programming required) checkout

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Rumors Rumors Everywhere

There’s been several bold predictions over the last couple days involving some of the biggest players in the software application game. This Slashdot article talks about a possible Microsoft/Yahoo merger. While Bob Cringely is predicting a potential purchase of Adobe Systems by Apple.

Both articles are well worth the read.

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Firefox Release

Saw on Slashdot this morning that Firefox just released

For those of you looking for an alternative to Explorer, I suggest trying Firefox. I like it better and most of my co-workers do as well.

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The Limited Lifespan of CD-Rs

According to this article it could be as little as two years! (via Pajamas Media)

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Happy Pi Day

Math aficionados, nerds, and proud math geeks at high tech operations all over the world are preparing to celebrate Pi Day Tuesday to honor the infinite numerical challenge whose first three numbers –314 — connote March 14.

From the Jawa Report

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