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Link to 24 recap

Wow, it’s been a busy week for me! Usually I’d have had the Right Wing Nut House recap of 24 read before lunch on Tuesday…

I guess like many others, my big question is can a President really lob a nuclear weapon at someone without any additional sign-off? I’m guessing there may not be a clear cut answer. I know the POTUS has pretty wide powers as the Commander-in-Chief… Obviously they can order aerial bombings, cruise missile attacks, and the use of troops… The only difference with the nuclear option is that it’s so much more destructive.


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A quick note on 24

Was there anything more satisfying than Martha laying the blade to Ex-Pres Logan? When you were watching her manically cut fruit, you knew that knife was going somewhere… I have to admit my money was on her wrist…I’m glad I was wrong! Logan is such a great character! He really makes you hate him… he’s so freak’n smug.

Rick has the full recap over at the Right Wing Nut House. I do have to respectfully disagree with his berating of “little” Ricky Schroeder. Come on Rick, give the poor guy a break, former child actors have got to pay the bills too. I think Schroeder has been more than serviceable in roles ranging from Lonesome Dove to Pool Hall Junkies. Plus he’s been man enough to buck the Hollywood norm and be his own man…an admitted conservative. That alone no doubt limits his roles!!

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Cleveland might rock, but NY gets to roll with the stars

I hate the fact that the induction ceremony for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame continues to be in NY City, even though the Hall itself is located on the lakefront in Downtown Cleveland!

The museum has been open in Cleveland for over a dozen years. I remember when the NY inductions were supposed to be temporary. As a born and raised son of Cleveland, I consider this nothing short of an insult. I remember “back in the day” the strong push the city made to get the Rock Hall. It would be great if the city could drum up just a little piece of that passion to get the induction ceremony where it belongs.

You may think this is trivial and “no big deal.” But I’m convinced that little things like this will, overtime, help the city rebound from the dire straits (no pun intended) it now finds itself in.

Props to the folks who worked so hard to bring this year’s Womens’ Final Four to the north coast!

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24 attempts to assasinate POTUS

In last night’s episode of 24 a “vast right wing conspiracy” attempted to assassinate the President of the United States in an move to consolidate power and oppress minorities… Rick @ the Right Wing Nuthouse provides his normal excellent summary here, along with a nice forward that honors the men and women of the Secret Service. As always, its well worth the read.

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Dancing With the Stars announces its new cast

Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Paul McCartney’s estranged wife, a country music singer, an Olympic gold medalist, a basketball legend and a former regular on “The Sopranos” are among the 11 celebrity contestants announced Wednesday for the fourth edition of ABC’s highest-rated series (more)

Okay, I’ll admit, this has become a guilty pleasure for my wife and I. Somehow I find it much less annoying than other reality / “talent” shows. Most notably… American Idol. Will I watch… probably. Will I admit it to my buddies… not a chance 🙂

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Best 24 Recap on the Web

Whether you’re Right Wing or not, Rick has the best 24 summary available. I always enjoy reading his analysis Tuesday morning. And if you ever miss a week… it becomes essential reading material! See Monday’s episode here.

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24 Finale

Hope everyone enjoyed last night’s 24 season finale! I thought it was pretty good, especially the first hour. As usual the Right Wing Nut House has a full summary and analysis. See part one here and part two there. Thank you very much Rick for providing thorough Tuesday morning entertainment. I can’t wait for next season.

Also, a few miscellaneous points:

  • Any one with Henderson’s experience would know the weight of the gun was off (i.e. unloaded)
  • Anyone with no experience would at least check to see if they had a full magazine, one in the pipe, etc.
  • But, I think the two points above are moot. Henderson is still alive. Jack definitely staged his death as part of their agreement. Don’t forget, Jack gave his word to Henderson to cover-up his death. Henderson pointed out himself that Jack "always keeps his word." You can take this to the bank.

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