Ridiculous Lawsuit

Members of the National Music Publishers Association sued XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. over XM radios that blur the distinction between listening to a song and owning it.

The suit revolves around receivers with the XM+MP3 service, which allows listeners to store songs they hear on XM and arrange them into playlists, much as listeners do with iPods. (more)

A statement released by XM said that the suit was a negotiating tactic by the music industry to get leverage in current talks surrounding royalties. I agree with XM. It’s not like they are promoting the distribution of the music by 3rd party individuals.

To me, this would be like the music industry suing radio manufacturers, back-in-the-day, for manufacturing machines that could record radio programming onto blank cassettes. I guess that was a little before my time, maybe they did. Does anyone out there know how far back music industry lawsuits go?


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