The Difference between Offending Christians vs. Muslims

Hmmm The Last Supper (i.e. with Jesus) portrayed by dogs (as previously seen playing poker or shooting pool). Provocative!

The artist claims that he wasn’t trying for anything controversial, but how can he be serious? Surely he knew this piece would offend many Christians. Fact of the matter is that he didn’t care if he offended Christians. On the contrary, offending Christians tends to be a pretty good method of garnering publicity without generating any real risk for the artist. Christians will talk, complain, and even boycott…but that will be it. I’m sure there will not be any large (or even small) scale call for the artist’s life. [Of course] Nor should there be. The artist has the right (freedom) to express himself just like anyone else.

Now if the artist really wanted to show some ‘stones’, he’d find a way to depict Muhammad as a canine ❗

Can you imagine the outrage then? Think back to the whole Danish Cartoon global riot. I’m willing to bet good money that any artist who’d dare do that would be forced into hiding by an enraged Muslim population demanding retribution (typically via a barbaric beheading).

I’m tired of the slick publicity ploy of evoking Jesus (or other Christian symbols) in controversial positions (e.g. Kanye West, Madonna, etc.). It’s really become weak and frankly, cowardly. It seems like the unwritten rule in America today is: Offend a Christian, it’s free speech, offend another religion, it’s racist or hate speech.


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  1. Gloria said

    I wholeheartedly agree

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