Cleveland might rock, but NY gets to roll with the stars

I hate the fact that the induction ceremony for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame continues to be in NY City, even though the Hall itself is located on the lakefront in Downtown Cleveland!

The museum has been open in Cleveland for over a dozen years. I remember when the NY inductions were supposed to be temporary. As a born and raised son of Cleveland, I consider this nothing short of an insult. I remember “back in the day” the strong push the city made to get the Rock Hall. It would be great if the city could drum up just a little piece of that passion to get the induction ceremony where it belongs.

You may think this is trivial and “no big deal.” But I’m convinced that little things like this will, overtime, help the city rebound from the dire straits (no pun intended) it now finds itself in.

Props to the folks who worked so hard to bring this year’s Womens’ Final Four to the north coast!


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