A quick note on 24

Was there anything more satisfying than Martha laying the blade to Ex-Pres Logan? When you were watching her manically cut fruit, you knew that knife was going somewhere… I have to admit my money was on her wrist…I’m glad I was wrong! Logan is such a great character! He really makes you hate him… he’s so freak’n smug.

Rick has the full recap over at the Right Wing Nut House. I do have to respectfully disagree with his berating of “little” Ricky Schroeder. Come on Rick, give the poor guy a break, former child actors have got to pay the bills too. I think Schroeder has been more than serviceable in roles ranging from Lonesome Dove to Pool Hall Junkies. Plus he’s been man enough to buck the Hollywood norm and be his own man…an admitted conservative. That alone no doubt limits his roles!!


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