Muslim Violence

To protest against a Christian preacher who suggested that Muslims might have violent tendencies, Muslims in the Philippines called for him to be beheaded. (much more @ LGF

Same old…same old. Someone is critical of Muslims, they call for his head on a platter. Just once I’d like to see some mainstream news outlet focus on the violence of Islam. Heck, can you imagine if Christians dared to threaten people like this…the press would have a field day. There’d be a frig’n reporter at every church to interview members about the violence of religion.

I think the reason we see this behavior hushed in the media is twofold. One, radical Muslims and the press have a common enemy, specifically Bush (generally America). Secondly, no one has the balls to say anything, they’re afraid of being 1) labeled a racist [which is the ultimate low for a liberal] or 2) having a violent act perpetrated on them or there families by the radicals they’d be speaking out against.


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  1. I think what we’re feeling these days is the backlash of this artificially imposed “multiculturalism” that has been forced onto us like a square peg in a round hole. The truth is that yes, given the same education, environmental factors and upbringing, people of any race are likely to be equal, but differences in culture and faulty systems of education create vast divides in ways of thinking and acting. We cannot assume that terrorists will listen to reason, but they have a different concept of reason than we do. The problem is that we’re not talking about why we’re in the middle east (which is to take down Muslim extremism) and instead we’re trying to posture as “multiculturalists.” If Dems and Repubs would stop shouting insults at each other, maybe we could get something done as a unit.

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