Is Bill Maher serious??

In a nutshell, the host [Maher] said the world would be a safer place if the assassination [of Dick Cheney] attempt succeeded. And, he even had the nerve to reiterate it. (more)

He’s all about peace with terrorists, but advocates the death of the Vice President! Part of me thinks he can’t really be serious, maybe he just gets off on the publicity? I guess the thing that really pisses me off about Maher is that he’s always sooo smug, you can tell he thinks he’s so damn smart. Well maybe compared to the Hollywood crowd he “rolls with” he’s a genius, but to me he comes off as pompous, arrogant, and uninformed to a fault.



  1. fpcom said

    Would the world be a safer place if Cheney had been assassinated 4-5 years ago? I don’t think it’s ‘siding with the terrorists’ to say his policies have made the world a more dangerous place, I think it’s common sense.

  2. mpro said

    I guess I have to disagree with your idea of common sense. Last time I checked this was America, where we vote our officials in (and out) not call for their murder. In case you forget GWB and his VP won two elections, so obviously some agree with his policies.

    Let’s just be clear, I’m not a big Hilary Clinton fan, but if anyone said we’d be better off with her dead… my reaction would be the same.

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