A Bad Apple in Obama’s Family Tree

Reitwiesner’s research identifies two other presidential candidates, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Democratic Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, as descendants of slave owners. Three of McCain’s great-great-grandfathers in Mississippi owned slaves, including one who owned 52 in 1860. Two ancestors of Edwards owned one slave each in Georgia in 1860.

It was unclear last night whether Obama was aware of any slave-holding ancestors, but he makes no mention of them in his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. (More)

Something tells me that somewhere the Clinton campaign is jumping for joy! Is it a coincidence that 2 of Hilary’s biggest competitors for the Democratic nomination are linked to slavery in this article, and the 3rd is a likely Republican nominee? I’m no fan of Mr. Obama, but I will not fault him for the transgressions of his ancestors… Let me suggest this is part of a subtle Clinton strategy to try an show that Mr. Obama really isn’t “black.” Heck, if they were able to convince people Bill is, I guess they think they can convince the same people that Barack isn’t.



  1. Blair Case said

    Many African Americans who researched their family tree would be shocked to discover they have black ancestors who owned slaves. In the United States, free black Americans as well as whites owned slaves (one of the South’s biggest slave owners was a freed black man). The precentage of free blacks who owned slaves was small, but so was the percentage of whites who owned slaves. African Americans who traced their roots back to Africa would discover virtually all their African ancestors were involved in the slave trade. Africans tribes ran the slave markets on their side of the Atlantic.

    Hispanic Americans and American Indians are also descendants of slave owners. (The New York Times reported this morning on the controversy splitting the Cherokee Nation over whether the descendants of the Cherokee’s black slaves should be add to the tribal roll.)

    The truth is that virtually every American, regardless of race, is related to both slaves and slaves owners. The ancestors of most Europeans were enslaved at one one time or another. Some white slaves–not to be confused with indentured servants–were also transported to America.

  2. fpcom said

    Who really cares what his ancestors did or didn’t do? Are we really that shallow of a country? Shame shame.

  3. mpro said


    I’m trying to decipher your comment… Are you saying it’s relevant to Obama’s campaign that his great, great, great, great grandfather on his mothers side participated in slavery?

    I certainly don’t think anyone is saying slavery wasn’t a big deal. It is obviously a shameful part of our past. But it is in the past.

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