Loosing Weight

I’ve recently lost about 30 lbs (yea!) and I’ve had a lot of people asking what my “Secret” is. So, I thought I’d use this forum to list the Top Ten foods that have allowed me to loose the weight.

I should tell you I’m on a Weight Watchers ‘ish’ program which involves reducing your calories & fat and increasing your dietary fiber. I’ve never been an official member, but somewhere online I found their “secret formula” for calculating points, so I just created a little DIY calculator in Excel. I’ve also mixed in about 10 – 15 miles of jogging per week.

1. Fat free hotdogs & low fat buns (2 pts for a dog in a bun)

2. Egg Beaters, usually mixed with vegetables (1 pt / ½ cup)

3. Canned New Potatoes (3 pts / can)

4. Smart pop Popcorn (3 pts / bag)

5. Fresh baby spinach (free)

6. Cabbage (free)

7. Lite Yogurt (2 pts / serving)

8. Campbell’s Select Minestrone soup (3 pts / can)

9. Thomas’ 100 calorie English Muffins (1 pt / muffin)

10. Skinny Cow brand ice cream sandwiches (2 pts / sandwich)

I guess the bottom line is that weight loss really isn’t complicated, you only have to burn more energy than you consume. That’s not to say it’s easy, because if you’re like me, you know it’s not. You’ve got to maintain your focus and willpower over time…and that’s not always easy…but you can do it!


  1. PS3 said

    Awesome website that tells you how to get a PS3.

    100% Legit – concept featured on CNN and MSNBC!

  2. Sam said

    Most people are concerned about thier weight. I lost 3kg a month by not eating after 6pm daily. It’s work on me. I think is the lesses fats being built up when I was sleeping. But, the harder parts is you have to be serious on this weight loss plan. Because, foods temptation is the main cause to give up yourself.

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