Shot in the Arm

With luck, political muscle and at least $25 million, Cleveland hopes to transform The Q into the home court of the Republican Party during the final months of the 2008 presidential election. (via

This would be a huge boost to Cleveland’s depressed economy. The city leadership (all parties) should be fighting for this with all they’ve got. This is their chance to really make a defining moment and to reverse the momentum of the city’s economic slide.

That being said, the realist in me doubts the city’s leadership is up to the challenge. Why is the mayor not on TV and radio rallying the troops?

…a small delegation of Clevelanders including Valarie McCall, Mayor Frank Jackson's chief of intergovernmental affairs, Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland Chief Dennis Roche and Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman Robert Frost met in Washington with Republican officials to discuss the minimum requirements for the proposal.

Forget the “chief of intergovernmental affairs”. No offence to her, but I want to see the mayor himself fighting tooth and nail to secure this opportunity. My fear is he won’t fight for it with all he’s got because if he looses it could affect his personal political future (i.e. better mediocrity than a failed attempt at improvement)… I hope I’m wrong!



  1. believer in cleveland said

    For the record, the Mayor himself is fighting for this. Infact, he is the one leading the State on this and had it not been for him assigning his Chief of Governmental Affairs to this task, we would not be this far.

    If you have questions about this or want to help, then get involved.

  2. okiyohukyo said

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