24 Finale

Hope everyone enjoyed last night’s 24 season finale! I thought it was pretty good, especially the first hour. As usual the Right Wing Nut House has a full summary and analysis. See part one here and part two there. Thank you very much Rick for providing thorough Tuesday morning entertainment. I can’t wait for next season.

Also, a few miscellaneous points:

  • Any one with Henderson’s experience would know the weight of the gun was off (i.e. unloaded)
  • Anyone with no experience would at least check to see if they had a full magazine, one in the pipe, etc.
  • But, I think the two points above are moot. Henderson is still alive. Jack definitely staged his death as part of their agreement. Don’t forget, Jack gave his word to Henderson to cover-up his death. Henderson pointed out himself that Jack "always keeps his word." You can take this to the bank.

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