It’s Fiction People!

To the strains of "Hail to the Chief," actress Geena Davis accepted an award night for her television portrayal of the first woman president of the United States from an organization which is seeking to turn fiction into reality….

…The award was presented by The White House Project, a non-profit organization which works to promote women's voting, political participation and leadership, with a goal of putting a woman in the White House. (via Yahoo)

I question any group whose goal is to put people into leadership positions based on anything other than real merit. Hmmm, I wonder if they’d approve of Condoleezza Rice for President? There was no mention in the article of this “non-profit organization’s” political leanings, which usually means they’re way way left (i.e. even to far left to call them “nonpartisan”).


I did checkout the The White House Project web site which of course calls itself nonpartisan. Yet I had a hard time finding any well known conservative members…


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