Democrats Slip Father Left

"I think it's a challenge for Lieberman to reconnect to the rank-and-file of the party and prove he is an authentic Democrat," said John McNamara, chairman of the New Britain Democratic Town Committee. (via Yahoo)

How out of touch are the Democrats? Joe Lieberman is one of the most highly thought of politicians on either side of the aisle. You’d think that his party would try to capitalize on his popularity?? Instead they’re trying to bury him.

With the poll numbers of both parties so low, now might be the chance for a plausible 3rd party run in 2008. Not from “no name” candidates from the Libertarians or Greens, but just maybe from big name breakaways.

McCain/Lieberman 2008, hmmm, that could steal a lot of votes from both parties…

It would be a little liberal for my taste, but it might be worth it to bring the major parties back to the people.

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