The Media Made Cindy Sheehan an Icon

Not so for Chinese protester Wenyi Wang. Heck, after scouring the web I could only find a few stories about the event. All of the articles can be summarized by saying the protester was an embarrassment and the White House should have done something to stifle her.

A heckler from the Falun Gong spiritual movement, who entered White House grounds as a reporter, interrupted a formal arrival ceremony for Chinese President Hu Jintao today (via The Age)

Hmmm, are these the same people that demanded that Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan to discuss the US strategy in the War on Terror? I don't remember Cindy played down as a heckler. Shouldn’t the press want the Chinese President to talk to the protester about the growing claims that China is selling the organs of political prisoners on the black market?

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, as well as those of human rights activists like Harry Wu, human rights organizations, and concerned medical professionals, the practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners continues in China. The lack of transparency in the Chinese criminal justice system, the secrecy that surrounds prison executions, and the removal of organs make actual documentation of the practice impossible. However, the anecdotal and circumstantial evidence regarding the practice of removing organs from executed prisoners for sale to foreigners and wealthy Chinese is substantial, credible, and growing. It cannot be ignored. (via US State Dept.)

Ahh, but it can be (and has been) ignored!

The media crucified the US because we had the audacity to parade prisoners of war around in women’s panties, yet China can imprison, torture, and kill people because they don’t like their religion.

UPDATE: ( contributed by "Lambaster")

Now they are going to charge her with some trumped up law.

Hu should feel right at home now. Maybe they'll add a few lashings with a switch to please the commie.

We must not insult our enemies (errr I mean allies/friends/etc)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has excellent coverage here


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  1. Brent said

    Disturbing isn’t it? The mainstream press actually has a history of siding with the enemy, especially when they are communists.

    Cindy Sheehan is considered a hero by these people, and also supports the marxist governments of Venezuela and Cuba. She is marveled for her “courage” by the liberals in the mainstream press.

    Now we have a woman who speaks out against the atrocities by the Chinese communists, and she is considered embarrasing? To whom? Is it to those who support president (dictator) Hu? I say what she did took a lot of courage, and I support her.

    I find it appalling and highly disturbing that this dissident is now a political prisoner –inside America! What’s worse is that fact that so-called liberals aren’t defending her, but instead chastising her for protesting tyranny and oppression –something in which liberals usually consider heroic. Are these liberals merely showing their support for communism? Remember the 1960’s?

    The utter hipocrisy from these liberals (marxists) never ends!

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