24 Focuses On The Cover-up

Well it looks like all the danger to mankind generally subsided when the nerve gas was evaporated in the gas explosion. It seems like the last few episodes will be centered on the president’s cover-up.

The Right Wing Nut House has a complete summary and analysis here.

I’m not sure how the writers are going to stretch out this ending for a few more hours. Like my wife said last night, “what’s Logan going to do, knock-off Jack Bauer, the secretary of defense, the VP, his chief of staff, and his own wife? Not likely. I hope Rick is right and another deeper conspiracy will be revealed.

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  1. AgentRez said

    It seems like it could all come down to the VP now to decide who is telling the truth – Logan or Heller. Between Mike Novick, Pierce (if he’s still alive) and possibly his wife, I think enough people are now suspicious of Logan, but will they get rid of Heller before any of these other people will come forward? I still don’t understand what the president’s motives were or how many of the day’s events he had prior knowledge of, so I guess that’s something they’ll focus on exposing little by little over the next few hours.

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