PD Anti-Gun Scare Tactics

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, long known for being fervently opposed to the 2nd Amendment (note previous attacks on any conceal carry law or their publishing the names of legal CC permit holders) had this piece prominently displayed on their website.

"Gun shows in the crossfire"

What it should say is in the PD’s crossfire because it follows up with this little summary…

Everything needed to create or obtain illegal weapons available at gun shows held this time of year

I was going to highlight a bunch of quotes to display the paper’s obvious bias, but if you read the article, you’ll catch my drift. I’ve often wondered what about guns scares elitists so much. Is it the symbolism of people taking care of themselves? Is it the fear of the ignorant masses? I'm interested in what you think.

BTW, I'll be at the Gun Show in Medina, OH this Saturday 🙂

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