MLB Conspiracy Theory

Four minor-league pitchers were suspended 50 games each by the commissioner's office Tuesday for violating baseball's minor-league drug program, the first penalties since the sport toughened its rules during the offseason. (via ESPN)

Let me pose this question. Is Major League Baseball purposely targeting pitchers for violations of their new performance enhancing drug policies question

Since public scrutiny has been all about the home run hitters, particularly record breakers like Barry Bonds, it is advantageous for MLB to show that the record breakers played on an even playing field. In other words, if a "juiced up" batter hits a home run off a "juiced up" pitcher, neither side has an advantage thus the records maintain their “integrity.”

Want more proof?

Please note here that of the 12 people suspended last year in Major League Baseball, exactly half were pitchers. Hmmm coincidence??



  1. Brent said

    I happen to be a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. I am also a big fan of Barry Bonds. I really hope that he does break Henry Aaron’s record, because I feel that it is exciting to observe such greatness and historic events.

    I admit that I was disappointed when Bonds beat Mark McGuire’s single-season homerun record, but I also respect Bonds, and consider him to be one of the game’s best ever and heroic. This is especially true now. Look at all he is facing.

    If he did use performance enhancing drugs, then that is one thing, but in America we have something called innocent until proven guilty –something in which many, especially in the mainstream press have forgotten. The press constantly reminds us of their Constitutional rights, yet completely ommits them for the people’s lives that they ruin.

    If it is proven that Bonds did use steroids, then I will believe it, but until then I dismiss it as hogwash.

  2. mpro said

    I agree whole heartedly with innocent until proven guilty. But that is for a court of law.
    But as an individual and as a sports fan, it is my right to make personal judgments. Flax seed oil?? Come on!

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