Starbucks Sucks

Okay, I have to get this off my chest. This is going to sound sacrilegious to many of you in the business world, but I just don't like the taste of Starbuck's coffee. I've given it chance after chance and I always find it way to bitter. Please don't confuse "strong" with bitter. I just got back from Europe and I love the strong coffee there (sans the UK). My personal choice for "fast food" coffee is Dunkin' Donuts (2 Splenda & 1 cream)



  1. Mason said

    Amen to Stabucks sucks! Amen to Dunkin Donuts is mmmmmmmmgood!

  2. Mark said

    My theory is Starbucks is working on the unwashed American masses assumption “Strong Coffee=Good Coffee” and “Bitter Coffee=Strong Coffee” therefore “Bitter Coffee=Good Coffee”. Let’s face it, if it tasted just like Maxwell House, nobody would pay $2-$5 for a cup.

    Starbucks is garbage. I think they have to try to make the coffee that bitter. Therefore I think it is intentional, and marketing driven. Also, it could be intentional so some coffee taste comes through all of that crap they put in their foo-foo coffee drinks.

    The second observation I have regards their foamed milk for cappuccino. Starbucks foamed milk is like meringue. It does not dissolve into the espresso. How are you supposed to drink it? With a straw?

    The best cappuccino I ever had was at a sidwalk espresso stand in Brindisi Italy. The best brewed coffee I ever had was at a Denny’s (yes, Denny’s) in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    I wonder what the Starbucks addicts would think if they got a good cup of coffee somewhere.

  3. XrBeyYqlOG said


  4. mlburton said

    Yes, I agree, Starbucks sucks, but EVERYONE I tell that to thinks I’m crazy. They can’t believe I’d say that about something that

    1. they pay so much for
    2. makes them feel so cool and classy
    3. is on every corner of america

    I tell them this is why I hate it, but the main reason is that they have created a negative name for privately owned coffee shops. I believe coffee shops should be unique and individual. , they are destroying the very idea of what coffeehouses are: a variety of cute shops that sell good quality coffee for a reasonable price where decent, cool people hang out at. They are spreading across the world like a virus, infecting cultures with their formula of what a coffee shop should be. They have created the only way that you can feel so important for 5 bucks.

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