Where Does All The Money Go?

According to the Cleveland PD, Ohio school districts spent an average of $8,963 per student in 2004. This ranked 16th in the nation.

Not enough for a lot of people…

“Everybody wishes they had more money,” said John Steiner, president of the North Central Local Board of Education. “But we’re given a certain amount by taxpayers to educate their children with, and that’s what we do. We make the most of it.”

But let’s look at the big picture. If you take the average $/student and multiply it times the average class room size (we’ll hypothesize 25 students). That equals more than $224,000 per class room. Hell, with that money, you should be able to pay teachers a respectable salary and still cover overhead. Instead teachers usually make pathetic salaries and schools are always running out of money.

WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? If the public school system was a real business, it would have closed many years ago. I’m not saying we have to privatize our schools, though I’d entertain the idea, but we should hold public institutions to rigorous financial standards.


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