I Like a Good Conspiracy As Much As the Next Guy

But last night’s episode of 24 set the stage for one of the most unbelievable conspiracy theories of all time. How could it possibly benefit the POTUS to have tens (or hundreds) of thousands of his citizens killed in a terrorist attack? It kind of reminds me of the whole “Bush knew about 9/11” Michael Moore whack job theory.

The character of the President in 24 definitely fits the liberal vision of our current President. Is he a bumbling idiot being manipulated by his handlers, or is he really an evil mastermind? It’s always bothered me that liberals try to argue both of these points, often in the same interview.

Let me take a wild guess and speculate that the motive is oil (or some other evil big business monopoly).

As always (sans last week when I was on hiatus) a full recap can be found courtesy of the Right Wing Nut House.


  1. 24 is weakening. The time commitment alone is draining and now they pull this. I thought Logan was a great character and bad guy enough as a bumbler weakling. Who knows …

  2. AgentRez said

    We don’t yet know the extent of the president’s involvement. He, like Cummings, may have believed that the nerve gas was going to leave the country…we don’t know that he sanctioned the murder of thousands of Americans. Thus far we only have evidence that he was complicit in one murder (David Palmer).

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