DeWine – Better but Not Best

When the time comes for me to cast my senate vote I have no doubt that I’ll probably be voting for Mike DeWine. That being said, I’m disappointed that the Ohio Republican Party can’t find candidates to get really excited about. Ken Blackwell, for governor, being the notable exception.

In Mr. DeWine’s Weblog on he says:

I’m also a staunch supporter of free trade – free trade that is also fair trade. I wrote the bill that now forces foreign companies illegally dumping products in America to compensate American businesses for their losses – and in Ohio, that means that our businesses have received more than 300 million dollars thus far.

Let’s be clear, you CAN NOT be pro free trade AND at the same time reward companies who can’t compete in a global environment. The policy of giving “kickbacks” to companies “injured” by dumping just helps to enable/reinforce what’s wrong with American business. We need to be creative and to get our collective asses off the bench and into the game. All dumping regulations do is create a bigger government bureaucracy, alienate global trading partners, and line the pockets of lawyers.


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