Ohio Media Squashes Personal Privacy

Plain Dealer Editor Doug Clifton disagrees.

“We have always believed that the public should have access to these records, not just the press,” Clifton said. “That’s why we published the permit holders’ names.

Sure Doug, that’s why you publish the names… Liberals are oh so giddy to publish the names of people exercising their 2nd amendment rights… What happened to the much touted “right” of privacy?

Do you think liberals would be so smug if a conservative paper (if one existed) demanded to make public the names of every woman who received an abortion in a given month? I think not.

Apparently your alleged “right” to privacy only covers acts that fit the narrowly defined liberal agenda.

Gov. Taft’s role in this makes me sick. Just one more reason conservatives everywhere should be supporting Ken Blackwell for Ohio’s Governor.


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