Attorneys Love Strickland has an nice breakdown of who’s financially supporting the leading candidates to be Ohio’s Governor. No surprise that Democrat Ted Strickland is receiving the union money… I was surprised that the money from law firms isn’t more evenly distributed. It appears that the democrat is receiving 99% of the lawyer money.

Lawyers prefer democrats…interesting 💡
Compare Strickland to Republicans Ken Blackwell and Jim Petro.



  1. Publius4Ohio said

    I think if they can’t identify the occupation and provide complete information they should have to give the money back…I googled 5 or 6 unable to identify and quickly got more than enough info to work from in getting clear identification.

  2. mpro said

    Interesting concept. It is useful to see who resides in a politician’s “base”.

    I do think people should be able do give an unlimited amount of money (this is America after all). Just no anonymous donations!

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