Great Oscar Pick

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that Crash beat out Brokeback Mountain for this year’s best picture award. I don’t watch award shows but I’ve been inundated with Brokeback hype just like everyone else.

I really can’t comment on if BBM was a good or bad movie, I never saw it. The subject just wasn’t appealing to me. No, I’m not a homophobe (I swear); I certainly respect people’s rights to be with and love the ones of their choosing.

I did see Crash and it really impressed me. I was awed at the way they took a controversial subject, such as race, and broke it down into such simple, humanistic qualities. Unlike a lot of movies that depict race relations, the movie didn’t try to represent one group as superior or more enlightened than another. Crash didn’t portray “good guys” versus “bad guys” rather it showed us people interacting with other people. Crash illustrated one of life’s ultimate truths… we are all capable of good and evil.

Crash is one of the few movies that I can say touched me personally. I’m a better man for having seen this film. Again, congratulations.


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  1. warpool said

    enthralling blog!

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