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Tales of the Weird

Carlos Boozer, a forward with the Utah Jazz, sued Prince/MPG Music over unauthorized work done on the 10-bedroom, 11-bath West Hollywood property…

Cleveland fans will get a kick out of this one. Found it on The Smoking Gun via Drudge.


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DeWine – Better but Not Best

When the time comes for me to cast my senate vote I have no doubt that I’ll probably be voting for Mike DeWine. That being said, I’m disappointed that the Ohio Republican Party can’t find candidates to get really excited about. Ken Blackwell, for governor, being the notable exception.

In Mr. DeWine’s Weblog on he says:

I’m also a staunch supporter of free trade – free trade that is also fair trade. I wrote the bill that now forces foreign companies illegally dumping products in America to compensate American businesses for their losses – and in Ohio, that means that our businesses have received more than 300 million dollars thus far.

Let’s be clear, you CAN NOT be pro free trade AND at the same time reward companies who can’t compete in a global environment. The policy of giving “kickbacks” to companies “injured” by dumping just helps to enable/reinforce what’s wrong with American business. We need to be creative and to get our collective asses off the bench and into the game. All dumping regulations do is create a bigger government bureaucracy, alienate global trading partners, and line the pockets of lawyers.

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Kinder More Gentle 24

The Right Wing Nuthouse is back with another thorough 24 commentary and summery.

With fine writing like this

At CTU, Grandma Hayes shows up with her sleazeball assistant Miles (who played the gay guy that Bruce Willis used and then murdered in The Jackal). Miles immediately endears himself to all of us when he casually orders Chloe to set up a workstation for him where Fat Geek Edgar used to sit. The look Chloe gave him would have melted the CTU mainframe.

This recap is a must read.

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DIY Abortions

MK Ham discusses a feminist proposal for do-it–yourself abortions on Hugh Hewitt’s site. I agree with her, but I think you can take it one step further. Don’t want to get pregnant…than don’t have sex or at a minimum try using some form of contraception (preferably both parties).

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Ohio Media Squashes Personal Privacy

Plain Dealer Editor Doug Clifton disagrees.

“We have always believed that the public should have access to these records, not just the press,” Clifton said. “That’s why we published the permit holders’ names.

Sure Doug, that’s why you publish the names… Liberals are oh so giddy to publish the names of people exercising their 2nd amendment rights… What happened to the much touted “right” of privacy?

Do you think liberals would be so smug if a conservative paper (if one existed) demanded to make public the names of every woman who received an abortion in a given month? I think not.

Apparently your alleged “right” to privacy only covers acts that fit the narrowly defined liberal agenda.

Gov. Taft’s role in this makes me sick. Just one more reason conservatives everywhere should be supporting Ken Blackwell for Ohio’s Governor.

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In Monday’s profanity-filled posting, Democrats are faulted for muting their views and criticism of the Bush administration in the months before the start of the Iraq war.

Whole store here. (via Drudge)

Ever notice that conservative blogs rarely use profanity but liberal blogs seemed do be peppered with various 4-letter rants? Why is that?
Obviously most of the liberal elite are fairly educated, why the potty mouths? 😕

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The French Love a Good Riot

…only four months after last November’s riots in the economically depressed Parisian suburbs, his conservative government is now faced with another youthful revolt. But instead of underprivileged kids with immigrant backgrounds, now the country’s educated elites have taken to the streets.

A good read for all you aspiring socialists and the “Europe is so culturally superior” crowd.

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