Lone bright spot in Cleveland sports


With the Indians collapse in the last two weeks of the MLB season and the hated (loathed, despised, etc.) Pittsburg Stealers winning the Super Bowl, the last year has been absolutely brutal for Cleveland fans. LeBron offers us HOPE.

And for Cleveland fans, hope is all we really ask for.

Being your prototypical forever-suffering Cleveland sports fan… Let me be the first to officially beg LeBron to stay in town. Seeing him in a Knick or Laker jersey would be the proverbial kick in the n$ts (i.e. between the legs).

You may find yourself asking, “MPro, Why do you even care about sports? In the big picture of life, aren’t you taking this too seriously?” Good question! Stay tuned for more posts looking at sports and their role in society. I think it’s a really fascinating topic and if you happen to have kids, it has an even more relevance.

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