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Still the Best 24 Recap Around

No one puts a spin on 24 like Rick over in the Right Wing Nut House. As I commented last week, it might be better than the show itself.


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Tax Money Shouldn’t Be Spent to Baby-Sit Your Kid

Lawmakers to librarians — basically, anyone with a say — are clamping down on teens and pre-teens. Just five years ago, young Ohioans had more control over their time, what they wore and even what they could shoot.

Whether these teen laws are good or bad, to me is irrelevant. No one wants to address the root problem, the absentee parents.

When we were young, we all new kids whose parents let them do whatever they wanted. We were always jealous of those kids, because our parents were “so strict.” Looking back, we now understand why our parents did what they did, because (generally speaking) we are successful and that kid who could get away with anything (again generally speaking) is a looser.

It’s time America’s parents wake-up and remember, your child is your #1 priority. Too many people are more concerned with personal success, rather than the success of their kids.

Sure, if you spent more time with your kid you might only be able to afford a Toyoda instead of the Lexis. Maybe you’d only be able to live in a $200 house rather than a $300 house. But kids don’t need luxury cars and palatial houses; they need parents that take an interest in them.

And yes, before you ask, I am a parent.

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How Worldly Are You?

This site allows you to vote for the “new” 7 wonders of the world. I found it through Pejman Yousefzadeh via Pajamas Media.

My seven are (one to seven) 16, 15, 20, 9, 7, 14, 6. What are your seven? It starts easy with the Giza Pyramids, Taj, etc. Narrowing down the last three is much more difficult.

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The DaVinci Code – Rebuttal

The DaVinci Dialogue gives a historical rebuttal to a lot of the fiction portrayed in the book (and new movie) The DaVinci Code. Apparently many people believe the book to be fact rather than fiction, this site is meant to debunk the rumors.

I found this site on Hugh Hewitt.

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Residency Laws

Gov. Bob Taft signed a bill Jan. 27 abolishing mandatory residency for municipal workers, and Newman and other East 185th Street business owners fear the law will cripple them unless Mayor Frank Jackson is successful in challenging it. The law takes effect in April.

This is from a very good article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about how businesses depend on residency laws for city workers. Read the whole thing here.

My personal belief is that these laws are a copout on the part of poor/rundown cities. Instead of Cleveland paying for lawsuits to enforce its law (and fight the new state law), it should concentrate on making the city a place were people WANT to live.

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Rest in Peace…


Don Knotts, who won five Emmys for portraying the bungling deputy Barney Fife on the hit television program “The Andy Griffith Show,” has died at age 81

He always made me laugh!

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This Just In…


The United States men’s curling team crushes the UK, 8 – 6, to win the bronze medal.

Bodie Who?

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